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In a similar way to the Profit & Loss, the Trial Balance has a settings form that will be displayed as soon as you open it. The only essential setting is to select the Report End Date.

If you have multiple companies or departments, then you have the option to view a report for any of them you choose.

Include Comparatives will require you to select a Comparative End Date, and it will display a comparison with the position at the selected date.

Hide Empty Accounts will cause the system to only display accounts that contain postings.

Calculate Corporation Tax will compute the expected amount of Corporation Tax based on the current profit figures. The balance will affect the Corporation Tax Payable/Recoverable accounts, and the Corporation Tax expense account in the Profit & Loss

When a Trial Balance is run, the results are saved in order to make subsequent reports run instantly. The saved results will normally be deleted when any of the underlying postings are updated. Occasionally it is necessary to manually remove the saved results. This is done by using the Delete Cache button.

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