Your Own Personal Accounts Email Address

Do you receive your invoices and statements by email? This can be a fast and effective way to send and receive your accounting documents. However, what do you do with the documents you receive by email? How do you ensure that the purchase invoice doesn't get missed out of your accounts? The answer is your own accounts email address

These days, businesses are doing more and more online. Most businesses will happily email invoices and statements to their clients. It saves them time and money. Emails arrive instantly and increase the chances of fast payment. For the client though, this means they need to make sure that these documents end up in their accounts

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In our experience, something always gets missed! As a result, we have created a feature to automate the process of dealing with accounting documents by email

For each of our clients, we make available a unique accounts email address. This looks like You are free to give this address to your suppliers, contractors etc. They can use it to send your invoices, statements and CIS statements directly to your accounts database! This email account sends a copy to you, of everything it receives, so that you don't miss anything. Then it automatically imports the email into your accounts without any input from you. One less thing for you to worry about!

Your Own Accounts Department

In some cases, we even become the accounts department for our clients! Maybe you want to free up some more of your time? With your permission, we can communicate directly with your suppliers via your accounts email address. This enables us to request missing invoices and resolve discrepancies on statements etc. However, this is completely optional so please contact our office if you are interested in this facility

Forward Emails To Us

In addition to this, your accounts email address gives you a quick way to add any documents to your accounts database. In many cases you can also use our new app EcoGo. If, however, you still have suppliers who insist on emailing you directly, you can simply forward the emails to your EcoOffice email address

Finally, we aim to process everything within 1 business day. As soon as we receive your emails, the documents are stored in our system, backed up and kept safe. However, they may not appear in your accounts, for example your Aged Creditors balances, until we finish processing them. If you don't know your address for accounts emails, please email and we will let you know which address to use

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